Learn How To Keep A Guy Interested? | Dating Tips for Women — (SexyDady)!

How To Keep A Guy Interested? Some interesting dating tips for women on how to gain more trust from your man. Did you ever watch an action movie, where this action hero knew several pressure points to hit on the bad guy? Most of the time its like at the base of the neck. They will come up & hit that pressure point on the bad guy and he will fall over.

how to keep a guy interested
how to keep a guy interested
Tips on How to keep a guy interested?

I always found that amazing that one small and little point on our body could create a massive impact. And also in Chinese medicine or in Ayurveda. They sometimes study pressure points and this pressure points in the body are real. There is this one point that you can, if you knew exactly how to influence that particular point. It creates a massive impact on a body.

And this several pressure points can be used to create many negative effects. But at the same time, they can also be used to create many positive effects on a body. And then, I began thinking what if relationships had the same pressure points as the body does?

And what if we know exactly where to press into a relationship, like in the body, to create a massive positive impact. Because here is the deal with so much happening at us all. The time with how busy we are.

“Learn how to keep a guy interested by giving him your undivided attention. Ultimate Dating Tips for Women by SexyDady!”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we knew exactly where to press (the pressure points) in a relationship. And that would create a massive positive impact in your partner and your love life. That’s why, today i am going to share with you 6 pressure points that you can press in a relationship. And that, will keep your man interested in you for life time. Check this out.

how to keep a guy interested
how to keep a guy interested

#1 Tips on how to keep a guy interested is to give him your attention.

We see, as human beings we are all eager and wired to crave each other’s attention and care. And we especially crave attention from those people, that matter most to us. The people we love the most. When i was a little kid, at the age of 4/5 i was the youngest of 4. & as a little kid you know, we used to watch what my elder sister & brothers wanted to watch.

We would go to the restaurants where they wanted. And i used to get so frustrated and angry that i didn’t have any influence at all. Or wouldn’t get any attention. I was a little toe-headed kid, you know. And most of the time i’d get real mad and angry.

My face would go like so red. I’d run into the kitchen and so what i learned as a kid on how to do to get attention is by a bite. So i would bite my elder sister or bite my brothers. And they would scream so loud at me. And my parents would come and yell at me.

how to keep a guy interested
how to keep a guy interested

“Let Him Talk Most of the Time”

I used to think at least i got some attention now. And so my parents would came up with a strategy for me. To help me because they knew. I was biting. I was 3 years old and they taught me how to ask for the attention that i was craving for. So many times, my dad would say Jack if you’re wanting some attention, all you need to do is come to me.

Say dad I want your attention. And so i said okay. Then the next day when i was craving some attention. I ran to my day and i said. Dad, i want some tension. My dad laughed out loud. He was like, okay you want some tension? i go yes daddy i want tension right now. So he used to life me up in his arms. And so he gave me some attention.

The truth is a men we crave the attention of our woman. If you want to blow your man’s mind and impress him. if you are going on the first date. You want to blow his hair. You really want to just, impress him on the first date.

Here is what you need to do. Let him talk most of the time, 80% of the time. Now I know that might be sound little crazy. But in fact, what you’re really doing is you’re actually giving him your undivided attention? You’re really putting the focus on him. You let him talk like 80% of the time. And also notice what he’s doing. He’s also trying to impress you and he’s trying to woo you.

how to keep him interested
how to keep him interested

“Another Tip on how to keep him interested (it reads your attention)”

In fact he is trying to be a man he thinks, you want him to be. And that’s why you give him that attention. And then you are impressed by things he is saying. It will be the best first date he ever had in his life. And he will want a second date with you soon. Because always remember the universe. It does not read our intention, in order to have a great relationship that lasts, is an intention.

It never read your intention. But it reads your attention. Where you are placing that attention. So learn to place that attention on your man in that specific moments. And be happy with him for what he is doing. And you’ll come to know that, it will help that relationship and also help his interest last.

#2. The second pressure point (On how to keep a guy interested) that helps keep a man’s interest forever is give him small challenges or micro challenges.

So what is a micro challenge & how to challenge a man and keep him interested? Most men love challenges. Men love games. We also love what creates that challenge. Think about those men who love sports. Or those men who love video games, men who love new work projects? Why? Because there is a challenge. All challenge comes with a goal. And also a gap and a timeline. Think about men who hit this small little ball.

how to keep your man interested
how to keep your man interested

“An advice on how to keep your man interested by giving small challenges”

100’s of yards away there’s a small little hole. And they try to put the little ball in a small little hole. They will spend so long, hours and hours at this game trying to hit this ball into that hole. In less number of hits or less strokes. You know the game is golf. And many men get obsessed with golf. You know why? Because it’s really hard and there’s a challenge and also there is a payoff.

Well, you can use that same principle. It’s a small pressure point in the relationship by giving him small challenges or micro challenges. You know my wife is great at this. And sometimes a micro challenge from her could be like. Hey honey i am really really craving some sushi this weekend. Would you be willing to pick some up for me this weekend. Or sometimes hey honey, I’m really craving, doing something new this Sunday.

Would you take me out in this place. Or I have got this knot in my back. Would you be willing to work it out for me, honey. You see a micro challenges is a goal, a gap & a timeline. In fact, the goal is when you’re craving sushi is to have sushi in your belly ,right? And the gap is you are craving sushi. You are not having sushi. And the timeline is this Sunday.

how to keep a guy interested
how to keep a guy interested

“How to challenge a man and keep him interested — Always remember the thank you word”

When you give your man these little small or micro challenges. Sometimes it works wonders in keeping him really interested. Because he is accomplishing this challenge & the key is the payoff. And finally he gets that payoff with you. Which is that hug that beautiful smile. The sparkle and joy in your eye that says thank you. You are my man and you really did a great job

Now notice the specific words (i am craving some sushi). Will you pick some up for me. Or i would love to do something new? Would you take me somewhere this Sunday. Some specific phrasing when it’s done in a nice feminine way? Ignites his real masculine energy. And amplifies the feel-good power he has when he accomplishes those challenge. So if you want more phrasing or if you want to know what feminine attributes you have to ignite his masculine energy.

#3 Tips on how to keep a guy interested (Give him some random, wet kisses).

Men really love wet kisses. We love it. We love wet kisses so much. Some random wet kisses when he doesn’t expect it, is at a whole another level. It’s definitely a pressure point on how to keep your man interested. So may be you are leaving for work. You are, like hey honey, hold on hold on come here, you can grab him.

You grab his face with your hands and you give him a nice wet kiss. Or may be you get home from work, hug him hug him, give him a wet kiss. I promise you, if you give him a wet kiss as both of you are leaving for work. He will be thinking about you all day long.

dating advice for women
dating advice for women

“Learn how to keep a guy interested in you by giving him some space”

#4 Tips on how to keep a guy interested is to encourage his space.

Encourage him to get the guy time, you know get out of the house. To get away and go do something that’s going to increase his masculine bio chemistry. Here is why this is important. As men we have biochemical rhythms. And this rhythms that helps us bond to you is actually influenced by us being willing & able to pull away.

Go do something that increase our masculine biochemistry and that really wants to bring us back to you. I call this the law of elasticity, you know. And it comes from 1000’s of years of evolutionary programming concept. When we were cave man & woman. And the men’s duty was primarily to hunt. If he didn’t have the desire to go and hunt.

He needed some new things that would ignite him to want to go out and hunt again. Because the hunt was hard and the hunt was dangerous and cold. The hunt was uncomfortable. Its way more comfortable to lay near the fire in the cave. And snuggle up with his cave woman & just stay there.

But most man feels this desire after he spent some close time with his woman. To pull away and do something something new, something masculine. That’s also called as the natural law of elasticity. Because most modern man doesn’t recognize this much. The modern man is no more required to go out and hunt in the same way like the cave man.

Dating tips for women
Dating tips for women

“Another advice on how to keep a man interested in you by encouraging him some guy time”

And so as a woman, one of these pressure points on how to keep a guy interested, is you can encourage him? Like say something like hey, go get some guy time. Go out of there and go golfing. Or may be go play a sport or go do something. I can understand you getting restless. When you feel your man restless sometimes.

Encourage him to get away and then he will get recharged. And he will come back with more energy and he will want to be even closer to you again. Now don’t get this wrong, get away time doesn’t mean weeks may be months away. Like one woman i knew was like, well he’s been away for a several weeks, And like, he is just getting his guy time. No, not at all.

That’s much like, him like leaving. It’s should not be a matter of weeks. We’re talking here, just a matter of hours. Get away, an afternoon away and come back. And he will surely want to bond with you. When you encourage this things, you will increase his emotional desire. And it will create better connection with you and he will appreciate and love you so much for it.

#5. Another important lesson on how to keep a guy interested is give yourself rejuvenation time.

You see this is going to be a massive pressure point on how to keep your man interested. Because when you are burned out. You are not at your best and your man can feel that. He knows that and he really wants you to feel good always. He wants you to be happy.

dating tips
dating tips

“Remember to fill your own cup also (Important tip on how to get him interested in you)”

When you are happy your man is also happy. So this is often the hardest one to do. Because many women, they feel guilty. You will feel guilty for wanting to get your own time. But know this, that you giving yourself your own time.

Filling your own cup is actually a great gift to your man. It’s a gift to the kids also. A gift to those around you too. My wife actually combined 2 of these pressure points i mentioned. Recently she gave me a mission. And that was to help her get some rejuvenation time.

She said, hey honey, i haven’t seen my girlfriends in such a long time. I’m craving a pool time with my girlfriends here. Would you be willing to take the kids on Sunday. And take them out somewhere. So that i could get some lonely girl time by the pool with my girlfriends?

I said i can do that for you babe. So Sunday came, i packed up the kids. We left and we went to the park, went to do a bunch of stuff & have some fun with the kids. We were gone for many hours when i came back. And my daughter ran through the house into the backyard sees her mom with her friends.

She came running back. She goes dad, mom and her friends are models. I said what, what is models. I walked there and i saw the smile on my wife’s face. The light in her eyes. She was sitting by the pool with her sexy bikini and her friends. And they all had drinks in their hand.

relationship advice
relationship advice

“Another Dating advice for women to help that relationship to last forever”

It looked like a Vegas scene from some Hollywood movies. I said yep that is models, right there and i felt so good. Because she was feeling good. So give yourself the awesome rejuvenation time that you need. Because it will absolutely help that relationship last forever.

And #6 and final tip on how to keep a guy interested is to give the relationship some variety.

Variety is one of the most important human needs. We really have a need for certainty, which is consistency. But we have got another need for variety. And that will only happens when you consciously include variety into the relationship. So i challenge you now. I challenge you do one at least 1 brand new thing each and every month. Something you have never done before with your spouse or your love one.

So it may be creating some new drink together. You guys are gonna look up a new drink. And create a brand new drink you have, never had before. Make it at your home and cheers. It might also be a new board game that you will play together. Might be that new hike that you do together. It can be a new activity like a pickle ball that you explore with one another. You got the point.

Do something new, something fresh you have not done before. Because that freshness creates a beautiful fresh experience in the relationship. It’s so important for you. Now movies are also some common things in a relationship. Why? Because every movie is a fresh new experience every time.

how to keep him interested
how to keep him interested

“Last tip how to make him interested is to give a variety”

You’re going on a new journey, a new life and a new story. Which neither one of you have seen or experienced before. But that’s quite frankly the most awesome way to create variety in a relationship. So apart from the movies, i challenge you to create at least one new thing in your relationship every month. And it will help ignite that fun and fuse that freshness.

This is what you do on how to keep a guy interested. And also keep yourself interested in the relationship. So now last question for you is, what have you found that keeps the relationship interesting and keeps him interested. Go ahead and post those comments in the comment section below. Would love to hear more from you. More articles coming up on how to keep a guy interested. Take good care. Bye :)

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